Why You Need A Whole House Water Softener

Most of us would love to install a single whole house water softener, but there are some problems with that you need to be aware of.

Whole House Water Softener

When you have hard water in your home, it affects all the plumbing and fixtures from where the water enters your home … to where it exits your home. Everything that this water touches can build up hard water scale that will decrease the life of your equipment, and cost of maintaining it, and the labor of cleaning it off.

Most want to solve this problem with a whole house water softener. However, implementing a whole house water softener takes more than you might think.

Normally if you choose to solve your hard water problem with a water softener, you will only soften part of the house. This is because many people tend to drink water from their cold water taps, so when a water softener is installed, they will only soften the hot water part of their home’s plumbing, or at best will leave kitchen and bathroom water taps on non-softened water. This is great for your health, but terrible for your plumbing and fixtures on your cold water lines, which is why many people wish for a whole house water softener.

This leaves you with basically four ways to implement a whole house water softener:

  • As we described above you only soften the hot water pipes and live with the hard water problems in your cold water plumbing and fixtures.
  • Hook your water softener up to all your plumbing, hot and cold, and then install water filters in your kitchen and bathrooms to remove the sodium from the water so your water is safe to consume.
  • Install an Aqua Magnets water conditioner on your main water line, and boost it with another Aqua Magnets water conditioner on your hot water line going into your hot water heater … this way, you will solve all hard water problems throughout your home, lower energy costs due to more efficient operation of equipment, no harsh chemicals cleaning hard water buildup, and healthier water at the tap.
  • The last option, one you can utilize if you really like traditional water softening in your home is to add the Aqua Magnets water conditioner to your main water line and leave your old water softener operating. This way you get the benefits of soft water, but all your plumbing is protected from hard water buildup.

In either case, Aqua Magnets water conditioners are the low cost, effective solution to hard water problems as well the solution to making your water better for buildings, bodies, and grounds.

It’s time for a whole house water softener or conditioner, so you should try an Aqua Magnets water conditioning system today.

[Image Credit: foxypar4]