What You Should Know About Water Softener Ratings

Homeowners who have a hard water problem need to research water softener ratings before making a decision on whether to buy a unit. There are so many different types available that it is nearly impossible to make the right choice without knowledge of the products available.

  • Since hard water affects about 85% of all U.S. households some home owners will go to any length to rid themselves of the problem.
  • Hard water is the culprit for those nasty rust and scale spots in tubs, sinks, and toilets. Corrosion on showerheads is caused by hard water.
  • Hard water causes laundry to be gray and dingy, dishes to have a white film on them, appliances to wear out faster, and hair and skin problems to develop.
  • Hard water occurs naturally. As water runs over stones, rocks, dirt, and soil, it picks up minerals. If high levels of calcium and magnesium are gathered, the water becomes hard.

Water Softener Ratings

Water softener ratings

Different water softener units have different water softener ratings. Let’s look at some of the top brands.

Raindance  WH-RO-500

The water softener ratings on this reverse osmosis model are favorable as far as the manufacturers claims go. The average price for the WH-RO-500 is a whopping $11,975! It requires costly daily to weekly maintenance. Electricity is required for this product. It is considered very complicated to use. Professional installation is required.

Reverse osmosis has some pretty significant drawbacks.

  • 80 -95% of all water that enters the reverse osmosis system is wasted
  • Essential minerals are removed from the water
  • It is unsuitable for drinking, cooking, plants, animals, and people according to the World Health Organization
  • Must have a drain and a storage tank
  • Requires a booster pump
  • Supports growth of bacteria
  • Requires costly maintenance

Water softener ratings for whole house softeners

Culligan Total Home Water Softener

Cullian is a well-known brand of water softener. It is also one of the most expensive to purchase and to maintain. This unit uses huge amounts of salt. Professional installation is required. Professional service and a monthly fee is required at the time of purchase.  Purchasing this unit means you will have salty water instead of hard water. Not much of an improvement is it?

Problems that may not be mentioned on water softener ratings

Softened water can cause some real problems.

  • Salt causes heavy metals like lead to be leached from pipes and deposited into your water supply
  • Water softened with salt is dangerous to those on a sodium restricted diet
  • Softened water is not recommended for babies or small children
  • Water will taste salty
  • Drying to skin  and hair
  • Damaging to lawn and plants
  • Not environmentally friendly

Is there another solution?

The real solution to hard water problems is not an expensive unit that requires chemicals and lots of maintenance.

The real solution is Aqua Magnets. Simply attach the unit to the pipes that bring water into your home and forget about it. No maintenance will ever be needed.

No chemicals will harm your family, pets, lawn, or plants. In fact your water will be better for you because the composition of the minerals in your water will be changed to a microscopic powder and make them available to be used by all who partake of your water.

So, forget about traditional water softener ratings. Aqua Magnets are inexpensive and need no professional installation. Best of all they come with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

[Image credit: Rose Robinson]