What Is The Best Water Softener?

What are the criteria for knowing if you’re choosing the best water softener?

Not Easy To Choose The Best Water Softener

Equipment Cost

Water softeners vary from $1000 to $4000 or more in price. The price will be determined by the size and capacity of the softener, brand name (where you pay more for brand), and the technology used to soften the water and control the process. You can find inexpensive softeners that do the job but to really find the best water softener, you need to review the long-term viability of the company to make sure they can service the equipment they sell.


New technology is always being applied for more efficient water softening. The best water softener will feature newer equipment and will typically require less energy and salt to do the job. Also the less salt that is used, the less negative impact it has on the environment.


Energy. All water softeners require energy to run their equipment, while most run on electricity; some utilize the power of the water that flows through the system to power the equipment. To really identify the best water softener, you want to find one with the smallest energy footprint that is capable of doing a great job with your water.

Repair & Maintenance

Often homeowners think their water is being softened when, due to mechanical problems, it is not working. Other problems that can happen is the resin bed breaking and clogging up your plumbing and equipment. You need to be aware enough of your equipment and its results to know when you need to have your equipment repaired and maintained. Then you need to make sure the company you have chosen to go with has the capabilities to continue maintaining the equipment. The best water softener will require the little to no maintenance.

Longevity of Company

One fellow purchased his softener from a company that installed it wrong. Several years later when it came to his attention that it was installed wrong, he called them up to come and fix it … only to find out they had gone out of business. Make sure the company you chose will be there for you. Water softeners break and need repairs, the company you chose needs to have the capability to support what they’ve sold you. The best water softener will be offered by a company with a great track record.

In the end what makes the best softener is the one that will most effectively do the job for the least amount of cost, energy, and salt. However, the best water softener is one that doesn’t soften at all. Instead it conditions the water.

What is The Best Water Softener?

The best water softener isn’t really a softener at all. You should consider water conditioning by Aqua Magnets superior water conditioning units. You can avoid the negatives of water softening while getting a lot of positives that you cannot get from a water softener.

For example Aqua Magnets will do the following that softeners DO:

  • Soaps and detergents are more effective.
  • Active extension to appliance life (scale is removed).
  • Faster and more efficient water heating (due to removal of scale).
  • Eliminates additional Scale buildup.

Additionally, Aqua Magnets will ALSO do the following things that softeners DON’T DO:

  • Make minerals usable for plants, animals, and humans.
  • Increase the alkalinity of water.
  • Does not require any (harmful or not) salts or chemicals.
  • Removes existing Scale.
  • Reduces surface tension of water which makes the water wetter.
  • Does not require changing a filter or adding substance to sustain positive effects.
  • Requires up to 96% less equipment space as a traditional Salt Water Softener.

Learn more about the best water softener that isn’t really a softener at all … Aqua Magnets or try them out today

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