What Are The Top Water Softener Brands?

There are many things to consider when researching water softener brands. Obviously you’ll want to consider things like cost and size of the softener.

Water softener brands can be expensive

There are different brands and types that should be considered as well. Is it a brand that is durable? What kind of hassle is it going to be to install the thing or how much will it cost to have it installed? Has the brand been around for a while?

There are lots of different water softener brands to choose from and most have pros and cons.

Hard water contains a high concentration of calcium, magnesium, or both. These two minerals will create deposits and, over time, build up in your pipes and your appliances. Plus, these deposits will foul up your hot water heater. Because of this they will not operate efficiently and will end up costing you a bundle over the life of the appliance.

Many people turn to water softeners to nullify the detrimental effects of hard water and its negative effect on our daily lives.

An average person usually doesn’t have a clue about the how to soften water, the names of the major brands of treatment systems, or the pros and cons of each.

There are many benefits to owning and using a water softener. Here are some of them.

Top Water Softener Brands

Salt-Free Water Softener Brands

Top-selling brand: Pelican™ Salt-Free Softener
If the water at your home or business is below 75 grains of hardness this might be the right choice for you.


  • Does not need monthly maintenance
  • Water retains essential minerals
  • Less detergent and soap are needed
  • Suitable for anyone on a sodium restricted diet
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Is not recommended if your water contains any traces of oil, or H2S

Salt-Based Water Softener Brands

Top-selling brand: Local Franchise Dealer

This type of water softener removes calcium and magnesium from the water using salt or potassium.


  • Appliances last longer
  • Need less cleansers and detergents
  • Clothes feel softer
  • Need less shampoo
  • Does not leave any spots on glasses or dishes


  • Not recommended if you have sodium restrictions
  • Not recommended for vegetation
  • For every grain of harness removed sodium is added
  • Consult your physician before using this type of water softener
  • Incompatible with some sewer and septic systems
  • Extra maintenance is required along with additional cost

Reverse Osmosis Water Softener Brands

Top-selling brand: RaindanceSM WH-RO-500

If salt is already in your water supply reverse osmosis softeners are probably the one that will be recommended to you.


  • Removes salt
  • Removes heavy metals
  • Removes 98% of unwanted minerals


  • Removes essential minerals from water
  • Not safe for vegetation
  • Not safe for animals
  • Not safe for humans
  • Not safe for cooking
  • Hard on plumbing and fixtures
  • Needs a storage tank and drain
  • Does poorly if water pressure is low
  • Must be serviced often

Magnetic Water Softener Brands

Top brand: Aqua Magnets

Magnetic water softening is good for residential situations such as single-family homes as well as commercial sites which have many different needs.


  • Is inexpensive
  • Does not require maintenance
  • Better for hair and skin
  • Safe for houseplants, gardens and lawns
  • Makes detergents and soaps much more effective
  • Energy bills will decrease
  • Safe for drinking
  • Safe for cooking
  • Safe for animals
  • Leaves good minerals intact
  • Will wash away calcium and magnesium deposits in plumbing and fixtures left behind by hard water
  • Eliminates the need for any other type of water softening system
  • Inhibits algae and bacteria


  • You haven’t installed yours yet …

So, get started today — your search for top water softener brands is over. Aqua Magnets water systems come with a 90-day 100% money back guarantee. You really have nothing to lose.

[Image Credit: AMagill]