Water Softener Price Makes 2-Year Old Want To Poke Out Eyes

Water softener price reaction

Water softener price levels make my 2-year old want to poke out his eyes …

Did you get sticker shock when you saw that water softener price? I did when I began to search for a solution to my hard water problems.

Hard water is a real problem for most Americans. In fact 85% of all households in the United States have hard water.Excessive amounts of calcium and magnesium in water cause it to be hard. As water flows over the rocks and stones, through the soil on its way to you it gathers the minerals that make it hard.

These minerals can cause lots of problems.

  • Laundry that is dingy and gray
  • Clothes wear out faster
  • Soap doesn’t lather well
  • White film on dishes
  • Spots and streaks on glassware
  • Skin problems
  • Hair is dull and lifeless
  • Rust and scale in tubs and toilets
  • Showerheads are corroded
  • Appliances wear out faster
  • Pipes become clogged with scale

Water softener price shock

Water softener prices are pretty crazy. Some of the top brands cost upwards of $10,000! At the low end they are around $3000. Most water softeners require professional installation and daily or weekly maintenance which is very costly.  With a water softener price that high you wouldn’t expect to continue to pay to use it.

There are several different kinds of water softeners to choose from. Whole softeners, salt softeners, salt free softeners, under counter softeners, spot softeners, portable softeners, electronic softeners, magnetic softeners, enough to boggle your mind.

Why is a water softener price so high?

Water softener price depends on several things. Purchasing a water softener unit in a retail store will usually give you a lower water softener price. It will most likely give you lower quality as well. Most of these stores do not make a repairman available should you need one, leaving you to tackle the problem yourself.

Purchasing a water softener from a dealer will result in a higher water softener price but in a better quality unit. Ratings, warranties, and service available will be better than the retail store unit.

Name brands like Rainsoft, Culligan, and Ecowater will have the highest water softener price. The problem with these companies is that you can only get parts and service for your unit through that dealer.

Water softener price; reasonable or not?

How can you tell if a water softener price is reasonable or not? First, do your homework! Know what you need and want before you shop. Ask questions.  What kind of warranty does it come with? Does the water softener price include installation? Does it include regular service? What chemicals does it use? Is it harmful to people, pets, and plants?

Is there a better water softener price?

Yes, there is. Aqua Magnets water softening system costs a fraction of the cost of other water softeners. Not only is it inexpensive, it requires no professional installation, no chemicals, and no maintenance. Ever. Just install it and forget about it.

Aqua Magnets will change the composition of the minerals in your water into a very fine powder, making the minerals available to be used by all that partake of your water.

Best of all Aqua magnets offers a 90-day money-back guarantee so the only thing you have to lose is your hard water problem.

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