Need a Portable Water Softener?

Who needs a portable water softener? They are useful in many situations.

Portable Water Softener

Some people only want to treat the water in their shower, so they use a portable water softener instead of investing in a whole house softener. Others use portable water softeners in boats or RV’s. Some use them just for their outside water supply to avoid those nasty hard water spots on cars.

A portable water softener works basically the same way as one that is stationary. They eliminate the minerals that cause water to be hard but they do it on a smaller scale. The problem is that since portable water softeners are used in a different type of situation, traditional operation and even maintenance are challenging.

Hard water occurs in most of the United States. In fact about 80% of all areas have a problem with hard water.

Hard water is caused by excessive amounts of magnesium and sodium in water. Large amounts of these minerals cause scale buildup in water tanks, tubs and appliances, lessen efficiency, and shorten the lifespan of appliances.

Portable Water Softener Usages

Here are some popular uses for a portable water softener:


If you’ve ever washed your car with hard water you know that hard water spots are not easily removed and can cause damage to paint and even the windshield. Auto owners often spend more time attempting to wipe the spots off the car than they did washing it. Attaching a portable water softener to your outside water source eliminates much of this task simply because hard water spots do not form on the car.


Hard water is damaging to skin and hair. Dry skin and other skin problems can result from bathing with hard water. Hair can become dull and dry. Scalps often become itchy when regularly shampooed with hard water. Hard water causes a residue to build up on skin and hair because of the excessive amount of minerals that it contains. Portable water softeners are made specifically for use on showers and are used to reduce the negative effects of bathing in hard water.

Camping, travel, RV’s, and boats

My husband loves to camp and cook outdoors in his Dutch ovens. He hates the nasty taste and smell food has when prepared with hard water. His brother is more of a water person and enjoys spending time with his boys out on his boat. Portable water softeners come in handy in these instances because water tastes sweeter and food doesn’t take on the bad taste of the water.

Problems with a portable water softener

The problem, however, with using a portable water softener is that most models weigh about 40 lbs. on average and they are about 2 feet tall, which sort of negates the whole “portability” factor. Some portable water softeners even require electricity to work.

A great portable water softner alternative is to simply use the Aqua Magnets water conditioning system system. These magnetic water conditioners can fit in your hand and are easily installed wherever you go.

Aqua Magnets are so versatile they can be used to in place of any other portable water softening system. Use this system on all your camping and RV adventures. Aqua Magnets are eco-friendly and maintenance free. They come in a variety of sizes and can be custom fitted to any pipe or line. Pick up one of the Aqua Magnets standard 3/4-inch units today!
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