Looking to Buy the The Best Water Softener?

Best Water Softener Gets a Cookie

The Best Water Softener Gets a Cookie

When conducting an online search for the best water softener one will encounter many things. Things like lists of hypothetical components and variables, hyped up warranty information, buy one get one half-off promotions and lots of fine print.

Make no mistake; hard water is a real issue. 85% of the water in the USA is hard water. Granted, some homes hard water may be more serious or problematic the side effects are always at best irritating.Hard water is caused by large quantities of calcium and magnesium. While these minerals are good for us in reasonable doses they leave deposits behind which can build up and clog pipes, corrode fixtures, ruin appliances and goodness knows what drinking it does to our insides.

How to fix hard water

The traditional method of “fixing” hard water is not really a “fix” at all. The majority of companies use a conditioning process that replaces the calcium and magnesium with salt. You can purchase a whole house water softening system, which can cost thousands of dollars and requires constant upkeep. However, this approach to softening water can actually cause more problems because sodium filled water can be classed as “soft water.” Many of the problems you would experience with hard water you can experience with soft water and it often turns the unpleasant taste characteristic of hard water into the equally unpleasant taste of ocean-like soft water.

Is an electronic softener the best water softener?

A newer approach is the electronic water softener and it is as complicated as it sounds. Some say it is the best water water softener. Electronic wires coming out of a box attach to pipes and have blinking lights to indicate when it’s working. The premise is that it will suspend the minerals in your water but it doesn’t actually remove them. Unfortunately, this means it also does not purify the water to the point that actually consuming it is safe or even palatable and leaves particles of scale to turn up in your drinking glass. This type of water softening system will usually require an additional one, such as the sodium conditioning system, so water is “safe” to drink.

Is reverse osmosis the best water softener?

Another approach is called reverse osmosis, which also requires a bulky tank and a drain. This process does remove close to 100% of unwanted minerals. Conversely, it also removes almost 100% of good minerals, which naturally occur in water. It also does not do well in places with low water pressure and is not safe for consumption. This is not the best water softener.

The best water softener

The best water softener has absolutely no adverse side effects, no bulky equipment and a reasonable price tag is the Aqua Magnets system. Aqua Magnets are simple enough to install once on your own and will never need to be replaced. Aqua Magnets leave all good minerals in the water and does not replace them with salt or potassium. They also eliminate the need for any other type of water softening or conditioning ever and works as a whole house softening system.

Aqua Magnets have a lifetime warranty and a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee! Get yours today and watch the old corrosion and build-up disappear with a safe, eco-friendly and affordable solution!

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