Is a Saltless Water Softener Effective?

Saltless water softener

If hard water problems are plaguing you, you might be wondering if a saltless water softener is a less expensive solution to your problem than a whole house softener.

Maybe, maybe not. Let’s look at some facts about hard water and the solutions to the problem.

Hard water is a problem that most Americans face. About 85% of all water in this country is considered hard. The hardest water is found in Texas and the softest water is found in New England.

Water that contains excessive amounts of minerals, specifically calcium, magnesium, and sometimes iron is said to be “hard”. Sometimes other minerals are present but not always.

Hard water problems (or why you might consider a saltless water softener)

If you have any of these issues you are probably looking at whole house and saltless water softeners.

  1. Dingy laundry
  2. Laundry wears out 40% faster
  3. Soap scum on clothes
  4. White film on dishes
  5. Spots and streaks on glassware
  6. Corroded showerheads
  7. Scale clogs up pipes
  8. Water using appliances wear out faster
  9. Hot water heaters become clogged with scale
  10. Hair and skin problems develop

How does a saltless water softener work, anyway?

A saltless water softener doesn’t really soften your water because it does not eliminate the minerals. A water softener actually removes the minerals in your water that cause it to be hard. The absence of minerals makes the water soft.

Rather, a saltless water softener only “descales”. It doesn’t allow the minerals to form scale if the water is moving as in a washing machine or dishwasher. It the water sits, however, as it does in a hot water heater the minerals will form scale or limescale. Cost is around $4000.

How is a saltless water softener different from a water softener that uses salt?

Water softeners that use salt come with tanks that water flows into. Here in the tank the calcium and magnesium that make water hard are replaced with sodium (salt) molecules. This makes the water soft. No soap film or scale will form because the minerals have been eliminated.

Is a regular water softener better than a saltless water softener?

That depends on how you look at it. A whole house water softener that uses salt costs about $10,000, requires professional installation, requires weekly maintenance. It makes your water taste salty, kills your lawn, trees, and plants, and is dangerous for people on a sodium restricted diet, babies and children under 2 years, and animals. Worse if you ask me.

Is there a better solution than a saltless water softener?

Aqua Magnets water conditioning system is the best way to take care of that hard water problem once and for all.

Aqua Magnets only costs a fraction of what the saltless or traditional water softener costs. You can install it yourself and after you do you can forget about it. You never need to maintain it, add chemicals, or change filters.

Best of all your babies, pets, plants, and lawn will be safe because Aqua Magnets is completely eco-safe. Give Aqua Magnets a try today.

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