Electronic Water Softener? What?

Ever heard of an electronic water softener? Neither had I until I moved to an area with extremely hard water. Lots of people have that problem because 85% of water in America falls into the hard water category (what is hard water?).

Electronic Water Softener

Some of the biggest problems with hard water are that things (including people) don’t get really clean and are coated with a soap film. You know that white powdery stuff that stays on dishes after they are washed? That is soap film left behind by hard water. The same film is left on your laundry, your skin, and your hair. The film builds up and gets worse and worse.

Skin problems and dull, lifeless hair are often attributed to hard water. It’s kind of disgusting to think that even after you shower you still aren’t really clean.

Hard water also shortens the life of your pipes and appliances because of calcium and magnesium buildup. The scale and corrosion in your tub and on your showerhead that is so difficult remove is caused by hard water.

There are many different kinds of water softeners available.  Most are huge, very expensive, and require constant maintenance. As you shop you’ll hear about reverse osmosis, water conditioners, solar salt, whole house softeners, and a host of other terms, including electronic water softener.

What Is An Electronic Water Softener?

One of the newer types of softeners on the market today is the electronic water softener.  That’s right … there is a contraption that is supposed to soften your water electronically.

The best thing the electronic water softener has going for it is price. It is less expensive that traditional water softeners that can cost several thousand dollars.

What you get is an electronic box with electrodes attached to it. The wires are wrapped around your pipes and then the whole thing is plugged into an outlet. I’m not sure about you but I don’t have an outlet near my pipes so this part could be a little tricky. Blinking lights on the device let you know it is operating. The problem is that “water softening” removes minerals from your water, but an electronic water softener doesn’t actually remove them.

How does an electronic water softener work?

Electrical impulses pass through the water causing the minerals that cause water to be hard, calcium and magnesium, to stay in the water instead of building up in your pipes, appliances, etc.

Since the electronic softener only suspends the minerals you will find particles of scale in your water. While this might not be an issue with the water you do laundry or wash dishes in it will be in the water you drink and cook with.

Imagine being super thirsty and filling your glass with water. As you put it to your lips to drink you see particles floating in the glass.  Definitely a turn off.  You will have to come up with a different way to purify water you intend to ingest. That means you will either have to have an additional softener for your kitchen or buy bottled water. Suddenly that low price for the electronic gizmo is not so low anymore.

Aqua Magnets Magnetic Water Conditioner

In my research, I have found that the best answer to hard water problems is the Aqua magnets magnetic water conditioning system.

The water in your home will be safe for your family, your pets, your appliances and pipes, and your lawn and garden.

It is inexpensive and simple to install. It requires no wires to wrap around pipes or electricity to make it work. You simply attach Aqua Magnets to the pipe that brings water into your home and forget about it.

All the water in your home will be conditioned. No maintenance is required.  No particles will be floating in your water. Guaranteed.

[Image credit: Creativity103]