Do Water Softeners Work?

Before installing an expensive water softener and committing to maintain it for the rest of the time you live in your home, you’ve got to ask yourself a difficult question … “Do Water Softeners Work?”

Do Water Softeners Work?

Water softeners came about to help combat the problem of mineral build up (also called scale or lime build up) on pipes and fixtures. Also water that is too hard decreases the ability of soap to suds up and can make clothing feel harsh due to mineral build up on the fibers of the cloth.

So do water softeners work? Can water softeners solve all these problems? The answer is yes and no. Here are the positive and negatives:

Removing minerals from water. I had a master plumber tell me once that in his experience if a water softener removed 50% of the minerals you were really lucky. Most folks who purchase water softeners do see a decrease in the amount of mineral build up but often still have lingering problems. So, you tell me … do water softeners work?

The second problem area is that most softener installations do not soften cold water faucets where people will be drinking the water, thus the fixtures exposed to this water will still experience hard water build up. The alternative to this problem would be to soften all faucets and then get a water purifier to take the sodium back out of the water.

The negatives many object to with water softeners are:

  • Introducing so much sodium into the ground water. Many counties in California and Texas have outlawed the use of softeners due to high sodium levels in their soil.
  • Many people object to the “slimy” feel of soft water.
  • Universally there is an objection to hauling bags of salt to the basement to feed the water softener.
  • As with all equipment there are the costs of repair, maintaining, and replacement.

Do water softeners work, or is there a better alternative?

A better alternative to water softening is water conditioning with magnetic and kinetic energy. Aqua Magnets specializes in providing equipment that will do everything water softeners do plus removing existing scale from pipes and equipment, improving the taste of water, as well as making the water healthier to drink. It is not a filter nor does it remove the minerals, it just makes the minerals more usable for plants, animals, and humans.

Do water softeners work? Well, we know for a fact that Aqua Magnets work wonders. Try them on your home today!

[Image Credit: Todd Baker]