Salt Water Softening vs. Water Conditioning

Something you didn’t know about Water Softening vs. the alternative of Water Conditioning: Water Conditioning provides 98% of the benefits that Salt Water Softening provides, but without the negative side effects.

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Many reports state that as much as 85% of water in the United States is hard water. Given that the primary solution for solving the hard water problems has been salt water softening, it is easy to believe that the larger portion of households in the United States have Salt Water Softeners.

However, many of these homeowners are unaware of the negative effects of Salt Water Softeners:

  • Sodium content is too high for plant, animal or human consumption.
  • The softening process introduces unhealthy metals into water.
  • Salt is an environmental hazard.
  • Kills good minerals that the body uses to maintain a healthy structure.
  • Wastes valuable fresh water by salt contamination.

Despite these drawbacks, Salt Water Softeners provide many benefits:

  • Soaps and detergents are more effective.
  • Passive extension to appliance life (existing Scale remains).
  • Faster water heating.
  • Slows or eliminates additional Scale buildup.

Many homeowners wish they could get the benefits provided without all the dangerous drawbacks.

Water Conditioning with Aqua Magnets provides all the benefits listed above (though much more efficiently and to a greater degree) and has none of the negative effects:

  • Soaps and detergents are more effective.
  • Active extension to appliance life (existing Scale is removed).
  • Faster and more efficient (by removal of existing Scale) water heating.
  • Eliminates additional Scale buildup and removes existing Scale.
  • Reduces surface tension of water which makes the water wetter.
  • Does not require any (harmful or not) salts or chemicals
  • Does not require changing a filter or adding substance to sustain positive effects.
  • Requires up to 96% less equipment space as a traditional Salt Water Softener.

Many homeowners have purchased Soft Water Softeners with intention of resolving the negative effects of hard water, but once they learn about the dangers of Soft Water Softening, this solution begins to look more and more like a mistake.

In addition to the dangers, there are also maintenance and ongoing expenses that Aqua Magnets Water Conditioning systems don’t have. Salt Water Softening includes the following tiresome tasks:

  • You have to haul salt into your basement several times a year.
  • You have to replace filters and softener resins.
  • You may have to call a technician to troubleshoot the various components of a Salt Water Softening system when it is not performing as expected.

Even if you are willing to deal with all these inconveniences, you cannot look past the Salt Water Softening dangers.

If you’d like to get started with Aqua Magnets Water Conditioning, give it a try today.

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