Laundromat Uses Less Soap – Praises Magnetic Water Conditioning


Magnetic water conditioning testimonial

Aqua Magnets magnetic water conditioning units have changed this laundromat

Dear Organic Engineering [Aqua Magnets]:

I’m writing to thank you for introducing me to Organic Engineering Associates [Aqua Magnets] water conditioning system.

We have had customer approval wherein they use 50% less soap and have excellent cleaning results. They’ve noted that the water is wetter; and because the water is wetter we also use less water with savings.

We have been able to lower the temperature of our boilers by 15 degrees, which saves in heating and electrical costs.

We have no scale build-up and the scale we had to begin with is almost completely removed from our washing machines. We know that we won’t have to replace our boilers or heating equipment because we no longer have scale build-up, which will save us thousands of dollars.

We see additional improvements the longer we are using this water system.

Also, our water tastes better.

Thanks again, Organic Engineering.

John O.


So, remember, the Aqua Magnets magnetic water conditioning system does much more than solve your hard water problems, it also removes prior hard water build up, cuts water heating costs, and reduces the amount of soaps and detergents you require.