Aqua Magnets User of Over 8 Years Tells His Story

Hi, I’m John Osborn. I’m the owner of Splish Splash Laundromat and Dry Cleaning on Main Street in Spanish Fork, UT.

A little over 8 years ago, let’s say 10 years ago, I had 2 laudromats – one in a neighboring town and one right here in Spanish Fork. This one.

I built this Laundromat about 9 and a half years ago and for about a year and a half I was going through all kinds of trouble with my having hard water, having buildup inside of my boiler, where my heat exchanger would calcify and get all kinds of mineral buildup and the tubes would just shrink down until the water couldn’t pass through the boiler. I know things are kind of dirty in here, you know, this is kind of spontaneous.

I had to tear the whole boiler down, tear the heat exchanger out of the center of it, take it out in the yard and pour muriatic acid through it just to leech out all the lines and then slap it all back together, tie it all back together and then connect it all back up. In the meantime, we didn’t have any hot water, there was no hot water out here for my customers. They would get mad because we’d go for a day and a half without hot water … anyway, a gentleman approached me and says, “hey, I can solve your problem.”

He approached me at the other Laundromat and I thought “well, hey, I’ve got to do something” because at the other Laundromat, I was having the same problem. About every 6 months, I had to tear my boiler apart, I had to get all the scale out of it.

I went through, I completely destroyed the water, completely destroyed 2 heat exchangers at my other store. I had to order them, downtime, cold water to my customers, I had to literally replace those hot water heat exchangers at the cost of over $2,000 each plus my labor to tear down and reinstall.

When this guy came, I says “anything, please, anything … I don’t want to lug in here, I don’t want to bring in salt and load up a machine with salt. I went through that and really that was a hassle and a high expense every month, and I says “there’s got to be a better way.”

And, so, he says “let me put this system on and I promise you that you won’t have any more problems with this happening.”

And I thought, “okay,” and he gave me a deal because I bought one for each of my places, I installed it at both places. That was over 8 and a half years ago, and I have never had to tear down my boiler, never had to even give it a second thought. And, it’s worked perfect for me.

I even installed – I’m gone from here for 4 months every year, working in other states doing another business that I have and I didn’t want to leave my wife with the possibility of having anything go wrong on the boiler system.

So I actually installed another one myself …

OFF CAMERA: Where did you install the first one?

I installed the first one right here where – you can see how old it is and it’s been here for like 8 and a half years, now. I installed it right where the water stubs come right up from the floor, comes into the building. And I put that one on, and that one has worked beautifully for me.

And just as kind of – about a year ago, I thought, well, just for added insurance, I just to make absolutely certain, so I put one right here. This is a very big boiler for us, this baby fires up, we’ve got a 2 inch line coming in, a 2 inch line going out … constant circulating motor. I put another one right here just about 2 feet before it goes right into the boiler and it has worked absolutely perfect for me.

OFF CAMERA: Has there been any other benefits other than just the hard water issue?

Well, one thing that we’ve noticed, and I get compliments all the time. People will go to other Laundromats and do their clothes and they say “you know what, their machines don’t wash as well as yours. For some reason, I come here and my clothes come out way cleaner. I’ll continue coming here.” And, we’re putting the hurt on these other Laundromats because they come here and they don’t have to use as much soap, when they run their clothes in my machines, they come out cleaner, brighter, and then my equipment … we don’t have all the scale buildup on my equipment, it keeps the equipment in pristine condition and I’ve even taken people around and said “just look at these machines, they’re absolutely perfect.”

And, then our cleanup, using the water when we’re out cleaning the surfaces of our machines, it makes the machines just absolutely brilliant and beautiful.

OFF CAMERA: So have you found any decrease in your replacement of equipment?

Here’s one thing, I’ve never had to replace … I built this Laundromat over 9 years ago and I haven’t had to replace any of my equipment, my original equipment that I put in this place. It’s … the longevity of the equipment’s been absolutely perfect, and then … what was the other thing I was gonna tell you?

OFF CAMERA: While you’re thinking of that … you put this on your natural gas as well, didn’t you?

I did.

OFF CAMERA: What were the results?

Last night I was talking to my wife about it, and I says “so what’s our gas bill been like?” and she goes “it has been absolutely amazing.” She just goes “business has been just cruising along, we’re not at high peaks, we’re not at lows, it’s just maintaining like it always is, this time of year,” and she says “but our gas bill is lower than it has ever been.”

We put this on our … I ought to come out and show you where we put it. We put it just out to the meter, just before our gas comes into the building and it has reduced … I don’t know what that reduction would be … it’s gotta be in the realm of at least 15 – 20% or so in our gas consumption.

I guess what it’s doing is my boiler is … the flame is burning cleaner, brighter, better, more efficient, and then on all my driers, it’s probably doing the same thing. And, hey, every penny that I can save, and keep in my pocket, better for me, you know?

OFF CAMERA: Well, John, I appreciate your story. I guess you would encourage others to do the same?

Oh, absolutely. You’re nuts if you don’t do something like this. Don’t lug soap in and load up your soft water unit with … I mean salt. Don’t start lugging your salt in and pounds and pounds, and added expense and everything. That’s ridiculous. You put this thing on and you never have to worry about it. It works 24/7 and it’s a charm. It’s a wonder. I’m just sitting there going “wow!” You know. I am just grateful that years ago, this guy approached me and we put this thing on and it worked.

And I’ll tell you what, plumbers HATE this. They hate this. They see this and “oh, that doesn’t work, that doesn’t work.” Yes, it does work. It puts them out of business. I don’t have to mess with this thing, you know? Anyway, that’s my story.

OFF CAMERA: That’s great.

OFF CAMERA: What about these washers John?

I installed these washers a little over two years ago, and I look at them and I … there is absolutely, they are absolutely pristine. There is no buildup of scale. Nothing. They’re absolutely perfect.

Got a little soap in here. We gotta clean these out for our customers, but they are beautiful, beautiful, in beautiful condition, and they’ll stay that way. They’ll stay that way forever, with this system.

Our hot and our cold water comes in here, that’s all been polarized, and it just … as I kind of envision it, your molecules of your water are just … the scale and the … it cannot stay. It goes through, does the wash, it … I don’t know, somehow, it does its magic, you know. I can’t tell you the scientific reasons why.

OFF CAMERA: It doesn’t matter as long as it works.

No, it works. It works, and I am absolutely, 100% sold on it. It works beautifully.

Paul, I’ll tell you … my wife and I, we love this system on our water so much that I put it on my house.

Just last night my son, I was asking him some questions about it and I’ve had it on our house for … oh, I’ve had it on for about five years now, and my son, just last night, he says “you know, when I go to school and I’m at gym, and I’m working up a sweat and stuff, I drink the water there at school,” he says, “it doesn’t quench my thirst, and you can taste all the chlorine and stuff they’ve got in the water,” he says, “it’s horrible.”

He says, “I can’t wait to come home and get a glass of water, and once I drink that glass of water, it quenches my thirst like that.”

He says, “it tastes excellent. It doesn’t taste cruddy like the water at school or other places outside our home, I don’t know what it does, but the water tastes awesome. It tastes so good you can’t wait to drink it when you get back home.”

We put it on the house. We put it on my automobile and I’ve noticed that on my fuel system on my truck, I’m getting at least – and for two months, I kept real close records, and I’m getting over 10 to about 15% increase on my pickup truck. I’ve got a V-8 in that thing, and I’m getting at least that in savings and additional miles on that once I installed that. And, I mean, I haul trailers and all kinds of stuff in the other work that I do, and it all adds up, when you’ve got savings like that, it adds up. You can just keep that money in your pocket.

I’m just waiting to see what else these guys come up with. It’s pretty neat, it’s a neat product.

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