Whole House Water Softener – Immediate Results

Mr. Hugh Bradley
Organic Engineering Associates
April 22, 2008

Dear Mr. Bradley:

You installed a Restoration whole house water conditioning system on our plumbing two months ago.

As you know our home is 30 years old with mineral buildup inside the pipes and water heater. You said our water would be harder than usual for about eight weeks while the system eliminated mineral scale buildup inside the pipes and water heater. Even so, from the moment the device was installed, we noticed major differences in our water.

When I washed my hair I noticed I needed only one shampooing instead of two to get it clean and thoroughly rinsed. I began to use less detergent in the laundry and it came cleaner and rinsed out better.

I was amazed by how easily our bathroom fixtures came clean using very little if any cleaning product. Water spots on the mirror simply wiped off with water and a clean, dry cloth. After I once cleaned and polished the old stainless steel sink in the kitchen it now stays shiny and feels smooth without rubbing and scrubbing. It comes clean along with and as easily as the dishes do.

I went through t the house and cleaned off any old mineral buildup rom around fixtures. It is great to have them lloing new and staying that way!

After the system was installed, we tested for chloring. We were thrilled to find that any faucet in our home was now virtually free of chlorine.

My husband looked into water systems for years searching for a whole house unit that would leave the water we use soft, clean and clear, while at the same time eliminating chemicals and adding to our health.

We are satisfied that the restructured water now flowing from every tap in our home comes closer to soft, clean, clear, healthy, bio-available and natural water than anything my husband could find in his 20 years of research.

I add my thanks and testimony to other satisfied customers who for years have been and are priviledged to enjoy this wonderfully efficient and effective Restoration Water System

Dian Voss

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