Victory Over Hard Water Problems

While we think that the Aqua Magnets system by Organic Engineering Associates does a great job eliminating hard water problems, we decided to let one of our customers tell you what they think.

These guys got rid of their hard water problems once and for all

RE: Organic Engineering (Magnetic) Restoration Conditioner

We first installed the Organic Engineering magnetic water conditioner system on Dec. 31, 2007. The difference in the taste of the water was dramatic, and my husband still raves about the taste of the water—our soda pop intake has reduced greatly. We had been buying some alkaline water at about a $1 per gallon, and now we have the health benefits from our own water tap. My cousin…had been buying water for years, but had this system installed in her home and can now drink water from her tap without any of her previous health problems from the hard water.

However, there are equally dramatic affects with the cleaning. Lime deposits don’t build up much on the toilets; we use less soap in the washing machine, etc. Our swamp cooler runs much more efficiently and does not get the lime deposit buildup on the pads. Our dishwasher is about 25 years old, and we would frequently use a couple gallons of vinegar to reduce the lime deposits and keep it running. It does a great job now, uses less soap and we don’t need the vinegar. We also appreciate the alkaline feature of the water.

Because of the success inside the house, we had the system installed on the outside secondary water on May 8, 2008. We now use less water and our lawn and yard seems to look much better. In our pond, we seem to have less algae. In fact, recently [a local landscaping company] cleaned our pond, and [the owner] came to look at it about a week ago. He indicated that with most ponds there would be way more algae buildup that what was in our pond. We are asking [Organic Engineering Associates] to install a booster system for the pond to help even more with the algae.

We are extremely pleased with the Organic Engineering Magnetic Restoration Conditioner for water and would highly recommend it.

Floyd and Carol M. Pleasant Grove, UT

So, if you’ve got hard water problems, eliminate them with Aqua Magnets today.

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