Robert’s Ranch and Gardens CSA Farm, Salem, Utah

We had our magnets installed two years ago on our well water. The well water feeds our house, our raised bed gardens, our horse troughs, and our chicken coop water, and our hoophouse. We have extremely high mineral content in our water and it has always been a challenge to keep toilets, showers, and sinks free of hard water stains. Since placing the magnets on our pipes, we have noticed a difference in the amount of hard water build up. Our animal watering tanks have all been much cleaner. There isn’t near as much algae in the tanks.

The biggest differences, however, has been to the plants and flowers that are fed by this water. We have many flower beds and vegetable gardens. The flowers are all planted in the same way and get the same kind of attention. For two years in a row now, the flowers fed by this water are much larger, healthier, and more beautiful than the same flowers planted elsewhere in the yard. I can only attribute that to the water. It is the only thing that is different. The plants in the raised beds show higher refractometer readings than the plants in other areas of the farm. They also have fewer bug problems. This is only our 2nd year with the water, but so far, I am so pleased.

Michelle Roberts
Owner/Master Gardener

Note: A refractometer is used to test the quality of produce raised in gardens. The higher the rating, the higher the quality.

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Aqua Magnet