No Need to Buy Water Softener Salt

Here’s one of our favorite testimonials. This customer hits on many of the major selling points of the Aqua Magnets salt-free water conditioning system.

These guys got rid of their hard water problems once and for all

Harold M.
Springville, Utah

Dear Organic Engineering Associates,

I am taking a moment to let you know that the system you installed on our water system has eliminated numerous areas of concern from my ‘To Do List’. Whereas we were constantly having reoccurring buildup of calcium in our ice machine, and other storage areas for ice, we no longer have any buildup.

You explained to me how your system would in fact eliminate the calcium build up, which in fact it did, even though I don’t understand how or why it works. The fact remains that you saved me hundred, perhaps thousands of dollars in cleaning out and maintaining our system. It was a one time fix therefore I don’t have to constantly buy salt for a commercial ‘Soft Water Conditioner’.

We no longer have to concern ourselves with replacing water filters on the “Ice Maker” constantly, which was plugged but no longer is or having to discard ice nuggets filled with calcium (a white gooey substance) which looked like snow pellets at the bottom of the ‘Ice Machine’. We now have more hot water on hand because the water heater is working more efficiently due to the fact that your system has dissolved the calcium in the ‘Water Heater’. Also, before you installed your system we constantly had to relight the ‘Water Heater’ because it was over heating due to the calcium/lime buildup at the bottom of the two (2) Water heaters we have. Now we no longer have that problem.

I cannot, thank you enough. Your water system was a miracle cure for me eliminating numerous costly and time consuming chores. It worked so good at my restaurant that I had you install the system on my home.

Before I purchased your system for my home my shower valve had been sticking when I would turn off the shower. (In other words the water didn’t shut off when I shut it off.) I would have to turn on the water and then off again to get it to stop the flow of water. I thought the valve was the problem but after a few days on your system the problem ceased and the valve has never stuck again.

Before your system we barely had enough water for my wife and I to bathe. Now we have plenty of hot water and we never run out of hot water. My daughter can bathe, my son can bathe and there is still enough hot water for my wife and I. I was ready to purchase another ‘Hot Water Heater’ but I doubt I will ever need to with your system.

I highly recommend your system to anyone especially since you guaranteed the system and guaranteed it to do everything you said it would.

Thank you so much,

Owner & President
Model A Cafe

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