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Saltless water softener

Is a Saltless Water Softener Effective?

If hard water problems are plaguing you, you might be wondering if a saltless water softener is a less expensive solution to your problem than a whole house softener. Maybe, maybe not. Let’s look at some facts about hard water and the solutions to the problem. Hard water is a problem that most Americans face. […]

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Water softener price reaction

Water Softener Price Makes 2-Year Old Want To Poke Out Eyes

Did you get sticker shock when you saw that water softener price? I did when I began to search for a solution to my hard water problems. Hard water is a real problem for most Americans. In fact 85% of all households in the United States have hard water.Excessive amounts of calcium and magnesium in […]

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Best Water Softener Gets a Cookie

Looking to Buy the The Best Water Softener?

When conducting an online search for the best water softener one will encounter many things. Things like lists of hypothetical components and variables, hyped up warranty information, buy one get one half-off promotions and lots of fine print. Make no mistake; hard water is a real issue. 85% of the water in the USA is […]

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Wondering About Water Softeners? How They Work?

If you are wondering about water softeners and how they work here is some information that you need. (Here’s another article too: Do Water Softeners Work?) Water softeners are designed to remove the minerals in water that make it hard. Calcium and magnesium are the most common minerals found in water but sometimes iron and other minerals are […]

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