Shampoo For Soft Water Now Obsolete

Shampoo for soft water and shampoo for hard water are pretty pricey items. If you are dealing with water issues, however, it used to seem like a good idea to pay $18 for a 6oz. bottle of shampoo for soft water.

Now, though, for less than the price of 10 bottles of that expensive shampoo for soft water, you can go back to the shampoos the rest of us use to get beautiful hair …

Shampoo for Soft Water

Now you won’t need special shampoo for soft water!

Washing your hair in softened water causes it to take on a life of its own so to speak. It becomes poufy and unmanageable. Sometimes it curls unexpectedly or is “flyaway.” That means you have to use more product which often makes your hair dull and in the long run will cost you more money.

Hair reacts this way because softened water has huge amounts of salt in it. Salt isn’t good for your hair or your skin. It has a drying effect so hair and skin will suffer damage because of it.

Hard water and soft water can cause all kinds of problems. Here are some of them:

Why you used to need shampoo for soft water (and other bad soft water effects)

  • Not healthy for drinking
  • Tastes like salt
  • Have excessive amounts of sodium in it
  • Leaches metals like lead from water lines and pipes
  • High chance of lead in your drinking water.

Why you used to need shampoo for hard water (and more bad things)

  • Causes hair to be dull and lifeless
  • Causes skin problems
  • Pipes will become encrusted with scale
  • Showerheads will corrode
  • Tubs will have rust and scale
  • Appliances will wear out faster.
  • Soap and detergent will not be as effective.
  • Dishes will have a white film on them.
  • Laundry will not get clean.

Hard water is a problem for most Americans. As water runs over rocks and through the soil, it picks up minerals. The most common are calcium and magnesium. Other minerals are sometimes picked up as well. These minerals make your water hard.

Some folks with a hard water problem decide to buy expensive water softeners to solve the hard water problem but they soon learn that they just traded the old problem for a new one.

Water softeners can cost up to $10,000 and require professional installation. They require constant maintenance. One really bad thing is that they replace the calcium and magnesium with salt. Suddenly you have a high sodium content in your water. This can be especially bad if you want to have beautiful hair.

There is another solution to expensive shampoo and water softeners.

Try Aqua Magnets instead of shampoo for soft water

The solution is Aqua Magnets magnetic water conditioning system. Aqua Magnets requires no salt or other chemicals to soften your water. It requires no professional installation. This system can be installed by almost anyone and requires no maintenance.

Your water will taste better because it will have better oxygenation. Everything you cook or any beverage you make using water will taste better. Plus, you’ll see an improvement in your hair within days.

Simply attach the Aqua Magnets unit to the pipe that brings water into your house. You can practically forget about it.

The Aqua Magnets water conditioning system is eco-friendly. No salt will be put into the environment. The minerals in the water will be changed to a form that is usable by your hair and your body, making your water more health giving for your family, pets, lawn, garden, and plants. Aqua Magnets are the real solution to the hard water/soft water problem, plus they have a 90-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ll never have to buy shampoo for soft water again!

[Image credit: Bellafaye]