2" Water Conditioning Unit


The Aqua Magnets 2-Inch Magnetic Water Conditioner is ideal for use with main water lines coming into your home.
This unit fits pipes with an outside circumference between 3.2 – 7.1 inches.
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Product Description

In addition to solving your hard water problems with the water to your home, the 2-inch magnetic water conditioner has many other applications.

  • Minerals become available as a powder to people, plants, and animals that consume the treated water.
  • High oxygen in water (aerobic) that causes excellent growth of plants and health benefits to humans and animals.
  • Decreases chlorine through oxygenation and polarization.
  • Increases hydrogen in water, making it more alkaline and healthier.
  • Removes water surface tension, making water “wetter” and more absorbable.
  • Minerals are better-assimilated and become bioavailable to plants, animals, and humans.

  • Eliminates calcified hard water scale buildup in your plumbing, appliances, windows, and equipment.
  • Changes calcium from carbonate (a rock) to aragonite (very small crystal that is as fine as talcum powder).
  • Increased mechanical and engergy efficiency due to clean equipment.
  • Stops and eliminates corrosion (rust) in pipes and equipment.
  • Sweeter tasting tap water.
  • Removes water surface tension, making water “wetter” and more absorbable.
  • Plants grow faster with less fetrtilizing due to more minerals, nitrogen, and free hydrogen.

If you need help solving your hard water problems, why don’t you try Aqua Magnets Magnetic Water Conditioners?