What do Vinegar, Hard Water, and Spots on Your Dishes Have in Common?

Vinegar, hard water, and spots on your dishes add up to frustration and hope. Vinegar is the solution you have been hoping for.

Vinegar, Hard Water, and Spots

Has it been a while since your shower head was this clean?


Vinegar is among the best ways to remove hard water stains on everything from automotive finish to shower heads to dishes. Vinegar is an inexpensive and effective solution to hard water challenges.

Hard water causes soaps and detergents to lose some of their effectiveness because rather than dissolving all the way, soap can combine with the minerals resulting in a type of coagulated soap goo. As a result, more soap is required (since less of it is dissolved). Vinegar’s unique acidic properties make cleaning hard water simple.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is water that has high concentration of calcium and magnesium. 85% of water in America is the hard variety. It is, perhaps, the largest threat facing American homes in this century. There are varying degrees of hard water. Even moderately hard water can damage your appliances, your plumbing and your lawn.

Hard water causes trouble:

  • Dishes, particularly clear glass are cloudy and cannot seem to be cleaned
  • Clogged showerheads or water faucets
  • Laundry is dingy and stiff
  • Taste: tap water will have an unpleasant taste that will transfer into coffee, tea or juice concentrate made with water from the tap.
  • Some vegetables get tough when cooked in hard water
  • Increased water heating costs
  • Skin Problems
  • Unpleasant smelling water
  • Pipe scaling
  • Excessive soap consumption
  • Hard water will also stain cars paint and windshields

While vinegar solves many of these problems after the fact it does not eliminate the hard water coming out of your pipes.

For example, vinegar will not solve problems with laundry, decrease your water bill or make your morning coffee taste better. With vinegar, hard water problems keep lurking about.

A common solution is to purchase a water softening system which uses salt as the primary softener. This will cut the content of the minerals by as much as 50% but will not eliminate the problem either.

Problems with traditional water softening:

  • High sodium content (not good for people, plants, or animals)
  • Excessive salt is not good for the environment in general
  • Salt prevents the growth of plants (such as grass on your lawn or vegetables in your garden)
  • Metals are unavoidably put into the water supply
  • Good minerals which are naturally present in water are destroyed

What is the Solution?

What if vinegar, hard water, and spots on your dishes are still a problem? If vinegar isn’t the solution and water softening isn’t the solution then what would possibly fix the problem?

Aqua Magnets are a system of conditioning water that is safe and maintenance free. These magnetic water conditioners change the state of the minerals in your water so they are available to you, your pets, your lawn, and garden.

Aqua Magnets Benefits:

  • All your water will be safe for humans, plants and animals straight from the tap
  • Health giving minerals remain intact and ready for consumption by humans, plants and animals
  • There is no maintenance with Aqua Magnets once they’ve been installed
  • You will save money and time

Address and eliminate your hard water problems today. Try out Aqua Magnets!

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