Water Hardness Grains? What Does That Mean?

Ever hear the term “water hardness grains”? I kept coming across the term as I researched how to fix my hard water problem.

Water Hardness Grains - Same Size as Wheat

What Are Water Hardness Grains?

Simply put, water hardness grains refers to a type of measurement for the hardness of water. Grains per gallon or, gpg, is defined as 1 grain (64.8 mg) of calcium carbonate per gallon (3.79 litres), or 17.118 parts per million, or ppm.

I found a definition somewhere once that doesn’t really help clear the matter up, but here’s what it said: “One grain of hardness is the amount of calcium and magnesium equal in weight to one kernel of wheat thus the name water hardness grains.”

Calcium and magnesium are the minerals that cause water to be considered hard. As water travels through the ground and over rocks these minerals are naturally dissolved in it. Often more of these minerals are introduced at the water treatment plant.

Some water in the United States is very soft or low in minerals. Other water is very high in minerals. Different parts of the country have different numbers of hardness grains in the water. Water hardness in America ranges from 1 to 350 gpg.

Where water is particularly hard other contaminants such as iron and manganese will always be present.

All water has some degree of hardness. Water that comes from snow filled mountain streams has the least amount of water hardness grains.

Are Water Hardness Grains Damaging?

You bet water hardness grains are damaging! Here is a list of some of the problems caused by the water hardness grains in your water:

  • Appliances that use water wear out quicker
  • Clothes wear out 15% faster
  • Dishes have spots and soap scum
  • Soap scum is left on your skin and hair
  • Rings are left on tubs and sinks
  • Soap doesn’t lather well
  • More money is spent on detergents, soap, shampoo, and other cleansers
  • Skin problems are more prevalent

Water Hardness Grains and Your Hot Water Heater

Hard water is especially damaging to hot water heaters. Sometimes you will see white particles floating in your water. These are bits of calcium carbonate.

These particles can clog plumbing fixtures and damage hot water heaters. If your thermostat is set high it may make the problem worse since calcium and magnesium scale is increased the hotter the water is.

These particles sometimes become so high that it isnecessary to flush the hot water heater to remove all the crud that has built up.

The Solution to Water Hardness Grains

There is a solution to the problem of water hardness grains and the problems they present.
Aqua Magnets water conditioning system will eliminate and control the problems caused by hard water. No electricity or chemicals are required in order to soften all the water in the entire house using Aqua Magnets.

Water conditioned by Aqua Magnets will retain the minerals that occur naturally in water instead of hardening in your pipes and appliances. Your lawn will be greener, your garden will be more productive, and your family and your pets will be healthier. All living things that come in contact with your water supply will benefit.

Plus, Aqua Magnets come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, so there’s no risk at all in fixing your problem with water hardness grains today …

[Image Credit: Jams_123]