Soft Water vs Hard Water – What’s the Difference?

Are you wondering about soft water vs hard water? It’s all about chemicals really.

Soft Water vs Hard Water

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is high in dissolved minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium. It causes soap to produce very little lather. It has an effect on the cleaning ability of soap and detergents. Hard water has an adverse effect on pipes and fixtures because of mineral buildup. Studies show hard water may contribute to cardiovascular conditions because of the increased levels of calcium carbonate.

Hard water:

  1. Increased water heating costs
  2. Damage to clothing
  3. Faucet and fixture damage
  4. Increases soap use
  5. Skin problems
  6. Bad tastes and odors in food and beverages
  7. Appliances wear out faster
  8. Clothes don’t get clean
  9. Bad tasting water
  10. Stains on tubs, sinks, faucets

What is Soft Water?

Soft water does not contain any of the minerals that cause buildup. Soap is not affected by soft water so it lathers and cleans much more efficiently. Studies show that clothing lasts up to 15% longer when washed in soft water. Soft water contains no scale forming minerals so appliances and plumbing last longer as well.

Soft water:

  1. Soap to lather better leaving things cleaner
  2. Glasses will sparkle
  3. Hair will look healthier
  4. The shower curtain will be scum free
  5. Skin will be healthier
  6. Clothes will be softer
  7. You will spend less on soap and detergents
  8. Appliances will last longer
  9. Energy bills will decrease
  10. Food and water will taste and smell better

About 85% of all homes in the U.S. have hard water. If you happen to be one of those how do you eliminate hard water so you can enjoy the obvious benefits of soft water?

The Problem with Traditional Water Softening for Soft Water vs Hard Water

Traditional water softeners introduce very high and unhealthy levels of sodium or potassium into your water. These additives strip out the minerals, but usually at the cost of your health.

The safest and most efficient way to deal with the soft water vs hard water problem is to use Aqua Magnets. These magnetic water conditioners eliminate the negatives associated with hard water, like scale buildup and bad taste, while keeping the minerals avialable for people, plants, and animals.

Why You Should Use Aqua Magnets

Here are some of the incredible benefits you’ll get from using Aqua Magnets.

  1. Clearer, better tasting water
  2. Increases the PH of your water making it healthier
  3. Controls the polarity and fills the water with highly charged negative minerals
  4. Inhibits algae and bacteria
  5. Adds years to any equipment that uses water
  6. Eliminates the need for a chemical water softening system
  7. Breaks down buildup in pipes and appliances
  8. High oxygen content in the water causes amazing growth in plants and lawns
  9. Minerals become available to people and animals
  10. Equipment efficiency is increased because it is cleaner

Aqua Magnets are the eco-friendly way to answer the soft water vs hard water question.

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