Remove Hard Water Buildup … Forever

Ready to remove hard water buildup, increase water flow through your pipes, increase the life of your equipment and decrease energy usage?

Remove Hard Water Buildup

It shouldn’t take this much work to remove hard water buildup …

80% of all water used in the United States is considered hard water, meaning it has a lot of minerals in it … mostly calcium and magnesium. It is the calcium that causes most hard water buildup.

The main hard water problem is calcium attaching itself to pipes and plumbing fixtures in what is commonly call “scale” or “lime.”

You need to remove hard water buildup or it will eventually restrict flow of water in pipes and on fixtures and equipment will increase its energy usage, cause the equipment to not work properly, and will often require high levels of maintenance and eventually replacement.

There are two methods that are generally used to remove hard water buildup.

You Can Use Chemicals to Clean Hard Water Buildup

There are many chemicals used for cleaning hard water scale buildup. Some chemicals are household quality like Lime-A-Way. These chemicals are helpful in removing the scale but require a lot of manual labor and are marginally successful in actually removing all the scale buildup. There are also a wide array of industrial chemicals that will remove scale buildup, but again require substantial labor and cost with varying degrees of success. The positive aspect of chemicals is that they do work to a degree.

The negative aspect is that it requires substantial manual labor applying the chemicals, and in most cases a lot of labor to remove hard water buildup. These are highly toxic chemicals that are environmentally unfriendly, and they are expensive. And in the end, many industrial applications eventually require the equipment being replaced anyway.

You Can Use Water Softeners to Prevent Hard Water Buildup

Water softeners are widely used to deal with hard water scale buildup. Again the positive is that they do work by removing the minerals and replacing it with sodium.

The negatives with water softeners is that you have to haul salt, they put too much sodium into the environment, they often only remove only part of the minerals, and they do not remove hard water buildup in your pipes, hot water heater, and fixtures.

OR, You Can Remove Hard Water Buildup, Forever …

How do you remove hard water buildup forever?

There is another technology that has been around for 30 years. That is Aqua Magnets polarizing water conditioning system. Once you buy the system, there are no maintenance costs, no repair costs, and no chemical costs.

Aqua Magnets will not only eliminate hard water scale buildup, but over time will remove existing hard water buildup, decrease energy consumption from equipment, eliminate labor costs for cleaning, and will help your equipment last longer and run more efficiently.

Get started today and remove hard water buildup from your pipes, equipment, and fixtures.

[Image Credit: DVIDSHUB]