How to Fix Hard Water

Why do you need to know how to fix hard water and what is it anyway? Do you have a problem with hard water that you may not know about?

How to Fix Hard Water

It shouldn’t be this hard, should it?

Why you need to know how to fix hard water

Most of the water in the United States is hard, with several studies stating that about 85% of residences in the country have hard water, which contains high levels of certain minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium.

In homes, hard water can cause calcification, or ugly buildup of scale in your pipes, your hot water heater, your faucets, and anything else the water comes in contact with. This hard water scale buildup damages your pipes and equipment and usually leads to costly repairs.

You also need to know how to fix hard water because it also affects whether or not soap will be able to do its job.

Laundry detergents and soaps don’t work as well in hard water and neither do dish soaps and detergents or bath soaps and shampoos.

How to fix hard water

There are two primary ways to fix hard water – with water softening (which has significant disadvantages), or with magnetic water conditioning.

How to fix hard water with traditional water softening

Instead of providing a complicated explanation going into the science of how traditional water softeners work, I’ll provide a simple summary of how to fix hard water with traditional water softening.

  1. You check to see if traditional water softeners are allowed in your State (some States are banning them).
  2. You install a water softener, which usually costs several thousand dollars.
  3. You fill it up with salt.
  4. The calcium and magnesium in your water get swapped out with sodium.
  5. All done, your hard water has been softened.

The obvious advantage to fixing hard water with traditional water softening is that you can get rid of your hard water problems. But, there are also some disadvantages:

  • Significant cost
  • High sodium levels in your water
  • Ongoing maintenance and repair costs

How to fix hard water with magnetic water conditioning

If you want to save a bundle and eliminate the problems associated with hard water in your home, you should consider magnetic water conditioning by Aqua Magnets.

The Aqua Magnets conditioners, which cost significantly less than traditional water softening equipment, reverse the polarity of the calcium and magnesium ions in your water and make it where they can’t build up and foul your plumbing, faucets, and equipment.

An added benefit is that they make all the minerals in your water available to the people, plants, and animals that need your water to survive, instead of swapping them out with sodium, which can be dangerous in high quantities.

So, if you really want to know how to fix hard water… try Aqua Magnets today.

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