Hard Water Skin, Hair, Laundry, And Appliance Problems?

How do hard water skin, hair, luandry, and appliance problems all relate to one another?

Hard Water Skin and Hair Problems

Hard water is a big problem here in the USA. Around 85% of all water is considered hard. Minerals like calcium and magnesium are present in the water in large quantities and this makes the water “hard”.

Hard Water Skin Problems and More

Hard water can cause a lot of problems and they’re not trivial. Hard water skin, hair, laundry, and appliance problems can be terrible to deal with.

Hard water skin problems

Skin is often damaged by hard water. That’s because hard water will not wash away all the soaps, cleansers, and other substances that get on your skin. The minerals in hard water keep soap from lathering and dissolving properly. No matter how much you wash and rinse your skin, hard water skin problems are persistent and your skin never really comes clean if you have a hard water problem. The minerals keep the water from dissolving substances so they remain on your skin where they can cause damage. That means dry skin and breaks outs and that’s something nobody wants.

Hard water hair problems

Did you know that hard water can damage your hair too? Since it doesn’t get really clean, your hair can become dull and lifeless. If there is too much iron in the water your hair might look brassy. Hair that is shampooed in hard water will not always hold a curl as well as hair that is washed in softer water. There are special shampoos for use in hard water but they are very expensive. Prices usually start at around $20 for an 8 oz. bottle.

Hard water laundry problems

Hard water also affects your laundry. It never gets clean so it comes out dingy. Laundry washed consistently in hard water wears out 15% faster on average than clothes washed in water that is not hard.

Hard water appliance problems

Appliances that use water wear out faster too. The minerals build up and cause scale in tubs and sinks. Shower heads become corroded. Washers and dishwashers become coated with a film on the inside. Dishes become spotted or covered in a white film.

Hard Water Skin, Hair, Laundry, and Appliance Solutions

So how do you deal with the problems caused by hard water?

You can buy a water softener for your entire house. This is a very expensive and time consuming way to deal with hard water. You will need to have it professionally installed. Most units are huge and are located outside your home. Water is filtered through the unit and is softened by huge amounts of salt added to the unit regularly. The addition of these chemicals is costly and time consuming. The minerals that cause your water to be hard are removed by the salt but are replaced by large amounts of sodium that will be present in the water. Sodium can be harmful to people with certain health problems, people on a sodium restricted diet, and to lawn and gardens.

A better solution is to buy and Aqua Magnets water conditioning system. Aqua Magnets is an eco-friendly way to dissolve minerals in your water that cause it to be hard. It will eliminate scale in your tubs, make your hair and skin healthier, and get your laundry clean.

Aqua Magnets attach to the pipes that bring water into your home. Simply attach the unit and forget about it. There are no chemicals to add and no maintenance required.

Agua Magnets water conditioners can save you time and money. Best of all they come with a money back guarantee, so you have no risk and nothing to lose (except for your hard water skin, hair, laundry, and appliance problems …).

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