Hard Water Problems – Boo!

Hard water problems

Hard water problems are no fun.  If you are like 85% of Americans, you have hard water.

Hard water is caused by a heavy concentration of minerals in water, specifically calcium and magnesium. Sometimes other minerals are present as well. The worst part is that hard water problems sneak up on you, gradual at first, but then turning into a full-blown nightmare.


How do minerals cause hard water problems?

As water runs over rocks and soil on the way to your faucet these minerals are collected naturally. In this case natural does not mean better.

Here are some common hard water problems:

  • Soap does not lather well
  • Minerals cause a kind of soap curd to form on laundry
  • Colors become dull
  • Whites become dingy
  • Rings in the tub
  • Scale and rust in  tubs, sinks, toilets
  • Showerheads become corroded
  • Pipes become clogged with scale
  • Water using appliances wear out faster
  • Dishes have a white film on them
  • Hair looks dull and lifeless
  • Skin problems develop

Ways to deal with hard water problems

There are many different ways to deal with hard water problems. A few work, most don’t.

Vinegar – An old wives tale recommends using vinegar in your washing machine and dish washer to get rid of hard water problems.

Lemon juice – Another wives tale says that putting lemon juice or lemonade powder in the rinse cycle of your washing machine or dish washer will break down the soap film and leave things bright and sparkling.

Water Softeners – There are many different kinds of water softeners with many different price tags.

Spot water softener – This type of water softener is used to soften water in one spot. Often it is used in the shower to eliminate hair and skin problems. It is a small unit, requires some maintenance, and costs around $350. It does not soften the water that is used by your washer or dishwasher.

Electronic water softener – This type of water softener consists of an electronic box with lights that flash. It is attached to the water supply coming into your house with several wires and must be plugged into an electrical outlet to work. The flashing lights let you know whether it is working properly. Ratings for this type of softener are not positive. Price is about $1100.00.

Whole house softener – The whole house is a very involved piece of equipment. This type if softener usually consists of 2 tanks and is plumbed directly into your water main. Professional installation is required and is outrageously expensive. It requires constant maintenance. The whole house softener uses salt to remove the minerals from water. A whole new set of problems is created included huge amount of salt in your water which is dangerous to consume.

Is there a safe inexpensive way to eliminate hard water problems?

Aqua Magnets water conditioning system is the best way to deal with hard water problems. Simply install it yourself to the pipes that bring water into your home. No professional installation, no electricity, no salt will ever be needed.

Aqua Magnets change the state of the minerals in the water making them available to improve the health of all who consume your water. Scale buildup will dissolve and disappear. And they come with a 90-day, money-back guarantee.

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