Fix Hard Water Once And For All

Do you need to fix hard water problems? America has hard water in 85% of the country so if you need to know how to fix hard water problems you are not alone.

Fix Hard Water At Last

What Causes Hard Water?

As water moves over stones, rocks, and through the ground it picks up various minerals. The minerals in the water cause it to be “hard.” The most common of these minerals are calcium and magnesium. Other minerals such as iron can be present but they aren’t as common. Go here for a more complete hard water definition.

Is Hard Water Harmful?

Hard water isn’t usually harmful to drink so that’s good news but it is harmful in other ways. Here are some common problems caused by hard water.

  • Shortens the life of your appliances
  • Rust and scale build up in showerhead, tub, appliances
  • Requires more soap or detergent to get the job done
  • Soap doesn’t lather  very well
  • Dishes have a while film on them and they don’t get clean
  • Laundry does not get clean and has a soap film
  • Laundry is dingy
  • Residue is left on hair and skin.
  • Hair is dull
  • Skin problems can occur

I don’t know about you but I don’t want my dishes and clothes to have a soap residue on them and I sure don’t want skin problems or dull hair.

Fix Hard Water

So, how do you fix hard water problems?  Here are some things you can try.

Old wive’s solution to fix hard water

A neighbor of mine believes that if she puts lemonade powder in her dishwasher it will fix her hard water problem. She believes the acid in the lemon will make the water soft. If she is out of lemonade she uses vinegar.

Expensive solution to fix hard water

Another option is to get a water softener unit for your entire house. Traditional water softeners need constant maintenance. The water is softened by the addition of large quantities of salt. The water goes through the salt and removes the minerals but it replaces the minerals with a large amount of sodium. Salt is not eco-friendly and can destroy your lawn, garden, and plants. Too much salt is bad for your health and adding salt to the water could be disastrous if you are on a sodium restricted diet. Traditional water softeners are expensive and usually cost several thousand dollars.

Fix hard water the affordable, eco-friendly way

The best option to fix hard water problems is a water conditioning system called Aqua Magnets. This is a simple, inexpensive way to get rid of minerals that make your water hard.

Aqua Magnets are so easy to install that you can do it yourself. No special tools are required. There is absolutely no maintenance required so you will never have to add salt or other solutions to keep it working properly.  Just install it and forget about it.

Aqua Magnets are eco-friendly and completely safe for consumption by your family, your pets, and your lawn and garden. Everything living thing your water touches will be healthier because the minerals in the water become usable instead of adhering to pipes and appliances.

Even better, the Aqua Magnets conditioning system comes with a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

[Image credit: wolfpix]