Dishwasher Cleaner for Hard Water: The Myth

One of the biggest myths about clean appliances is that you don’t need dishwasher cleaner for hard water to maintain your dishwasher itself. Sadly, that is just not true.

Dishwasher Cleaner for Hard Water

Because dishwashers only use a little water to do their job, the hard water doesn’t rinse out well and can wreak havoc by leaving mineral deposits all inside your dish washer.

Motor seals can deteriorate; entry points to the dishwasher can clog. Hard water will cause the performance of your dishwasher to be diminished and the lifespan reduced. And your dishes still won’t be clean!

Some dishwashers have a built-in softener, but what if you don’t have that feature? There are other ways to deal with this problem.

What is an effective dishwasher cleaner for hard water?

People everywhere search for a way to eliminate hard water problems on everything from dishes, to laundry, to skin and hair. The most common solutions are products containing natural acids.

Using acids regularly can increase your dishwasher’s life if you’ve got a lot of problems with hard water in your area. Lots of households resort to home remedies which are non-toxic and high in natural acids. Here are a few natural diswasher cleaners for hard water:

  • Lemon products
  • Citric Acid
  • Vinegar

Lemon juice is a natural and effective tool in the kitchen for many things. If you run it through an empty dishwasher you might see some results. I know someone who regularly adds powdered lemonade to her dishwasher in an attempt to keep hard water spots at bay.

Citric Acid is the most powerful of the acids used in an attempt to eliminate the effects of hard water in your dishwasher. It is environmentally friendly and safe to use. Citric acid can be found at the grocery or drug store. It comes in crystal, powder, and liquid form. The crystal form is said to be the most effective.

Vinegar is the most commonly used product when hard water is a problem. It is easily obtainable and inexpensive. Many people swear by vinegar to remove spots and effectively clean the dishwasher. Others say it leaves dishes looking cloudy or doesn’t work at all.

Most of these home remedies for dishwasher cleaner for hard water are only somewhat effective. This leaves many people looking for a more permanent solution.

Is there an alternative to dishwasher cleaner for hard water?

“Does anything really work?” is a commonly asked question where hard water is concerned.

What if you could eliminate these problems without having to stock up on vinegar and lemons every week at the grocery store? What if you didn’t have to buy a new dishwasher with a built-in water softener?

Well, there is just such a solution! Aqua Magnets are a one-time installation device that will change your life and your water.

With Aqua Magnets, the calcium that would normally cause build-up and clog pipes is changed from a rock into a powder which cannot attach itself to your pipes, your motor seals or the walls of your dishwasher.

Aqua Magnets are eco-friendly and require no maintenance: they eliminate hard water for good. Stop your search for dishwasher cleaner for hard water— give Aqua Magnets a try today!

[Image Credit: kitkatherine]