Calculate Water Hardness Levels – See How Bad They Are

Calculate water hardness

No, it’s not this difficult to calculate water hardness!

Wondering how to calculate water hardness so you can find out if you have a hard water problem and solve it? Believe me you are not alone. Lots of other people are wondering the same thing. About 85% of Americans have hard water.

What is hard water, anyway?

Water is “hard” when it has too any minerals in it. The most common minerals are calcium and magnesium but other minerals can be present as well. Minerals are picked up by the water as it runs over rocks, chalk, and soil on its way to your home (click here for a longer hard water definition). The minerals in hard water can cause many problems. Here are some of them:


  • Laundry does not get clean
  • Soap film clings to your clothes
  • Clothes wear out more quickly


  • Dishes don’t come clean
  • Dishes have a white film on them
  • Dishes have spots on them

Hair and skin

  • Hair looks dull and lifeless
  • Soap does not wash off skin
  • Skin problems develop

Pipes and fixtures

  • Scale accumulates in pipes
  • Scale and rust forms on tubs and toilets
  • Showerheads become corroded


  • Appliances wear out faster
  • Appliances become coated on the inside with a soap film
  • More cleaning products are needed

Hard water is responsible for tons of problems so it is a good idea to calculate water hardness at your home or business and decide on a way to resolve the problem.

How to calculate water hardness

For a complex explanation of how to calculate water hardness, head over to UK company Anglian Water … they explain it better than anyone.

But if you’d like to know how the pros calculate water hardness … it’s simple. They do it with a kit. You can get one from your local hardware store, or even from a Target or Walmart for about $10. Or, you can get one online at Amazon

Bad news when you calculate water hardness?

Believe it or not, there is a solution to the problem of hard water. It is a safe and simple solution, even though the manufacturers of expensive whole-house water softeners would have you believe otherwise.

The Aqua Magnets water conditioning system will take care of your hard water problems once and for all at a price that is affordable. These units can be installed by almost anyone. No professional will be needed in most cases, and our team is standing by to help you with the installation if you need assistance. Just attach Aqua Magnets to the pipes that bring water into your home and forget about them. No maintenance is required. No chemicals need to be added. Ever.

You will see a difference in your laundry, your dishes, your skin and hair in no time. Best of all, Aqua Magnets is eco-friendly so using it will not harm anything in the environment. And it comes with a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

So, go out and get a kit to calculate water hardness of your water and let us know what the reading says. We’ll be happy to help you however we can.

[Image credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video’s ]

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