Frequently Asked Questions

/ Which size Aqua Magnets conditioning unit do I need?

The easiest way to determine the size of AquaMagnet unit you need is by measuring the circumference of the pipe. You can do this easily by wrapping a tape measure around the outside of the pipe you want to put the unit on.

Use the following chart to help determine the size you need:

/ Are Aqua Magnets easy to install? Can I install it myself or do I need a plumber?

Yes, they are easy to install and yes most people can do it themselves even if you only have limited handyman abilities. Most challenges arise in the following areas:

  • If your pipes are all behind walls, then you would have extra work finding the correct location and refinishing the walls once the unit is installed. However, on the standard sized units (3/4- and 2-inch) most installations can be done next to the valve where the water first enters the home and does not require any additional remodeling.
  • Correctly identifying your main water source. The most preferable location for installation is at water’s point of entry into your home. Some have mistakenly been installed on irrigation lines, soft water lines, or other pipes they “thought” was the incoming water line.
  • Dealing with magnet power of larger units. These units require you put them on the pipe in a specific way to deal with the high magnetic power and to keep you from getting fingers caught between plates. Full instructions come with each unit.

See complete installation instructions.

/ If I don’t want to install the units myself, what are my options?

Your best option is to do a google search for “handyman” in your town. Call one and they would easily be able to follow the instructions and install the units. Your other option is to give our office a call and we will help find a local handyman to do it for you. In either case we are just a call away if you need help or have questions about your installation.

/ Where would I install Aqua Magnets in my home?

Here are the areas where you can install our units, listed in order of importance:

  • Main water line as it comes into the home. If your sprinkler system runs off the same main water line you may want to install it as it comes off the city meter so it will polarize both the home water and your lawn/garden area.
  • Hot water heater. Install it on the incoming cold water line before it gets to the hot water heater.
  • Natural gas line (increase burn efficiency).
  • Pools, spas, hot tubs (clearer water, less chemicals, decrease in algae growth).
  • Pond (clearer water and decrease in algae growth).
  • Autos, gas or diesel (increase gas mileage).

/ Do Aqua Magnets have filters or are they water filters?

No. You need to check with your city and ask for a report on your water. If there is anything in the water that you don’t want to be drinking, then you will need to look into getting the appropriate filter to deal with those ingredients. Aqua Magnets work with any filter.

/ Do Aqua Magnets work with liquids other than water?

Yes. Any liquid that has minerals in it can be benefited by the polarization process. Water, natural gas, gasoline, and other liquids have all benefited from Aqua Magnets.

/ How do I know which size to use or which unit to use for what function?

The major issue to consider is the outside diameter of the pipe the polarizer will be installed on.

The second issue to consider is the size of your home or facility. If you have a large home (over 4000 sq. ft.) you may want to consider a 2″ Water Conditioning Unit regardless of the size of your pipe as it will be more effective.

The third issue is the different functions you want accomplish and how fast you want to see results.

  • To deal with hard water scale build up, water taste, spots, chlorine, etc., you want to put a unit on your main water line as it comes into the home or facility.
  • To increase speed and effectiveness you can install a unit on the incoming line of your hot water heater.
  • To decrease use of natural gas to heat your water put a unit on your incoming natural gas line.
  • To boost a refrigerator, aquarium, hot tub, etc. and if the pipe is under 1/2″ in diameter, contact us about our small water conditioners.
  • To increase plant growth and quality, and lower water and fertilizer usage, install a unit on your incoming irrigation line or outside water source. In some instances your house water will do both in which case you only need one unit on the incoming water line.
  • To increase miles per gallon on automobile or truck, install a 3/4″ Water Conditioning Unit on the fuel line just as it comes out of the fuel tank.

/ How long before I should see results?

Some results will be quick, while others will take longer. Many people comment on the taste of the water changing being one of the first. Water spots disappearing is another quick difference.

Hard water scale buildup stops right away, however, existing buildup may take awhile to be removed since it depends on water movement over time. The more water you use, the quicker it works, the more scale buildup that needs to be removed, the longer it takes.

The longer Aqua Magnets are on the pipe, the better they work. Some scale buildup may need to be removed by chemical as it might not be in an area where there is water flow.

/ Can I purchase and install this unit if I live outside of the United States?

Yes. Aqua Magnets work anywhere the pipes are round and there is good water velocity (movement).

/ Some articles say magnetic water conditioning doesn’t work ... Does it?

Yes it does. If it didn’t we would not be selling it, nor would we have a total-satisfaction guarantee. There are many articles that cast doubt on the effectiveness of this technology. But there are also many articles that indicate it works. We have seen it work in our own homes and businesses, our friends and families homes and businesses, and people who become our friends. Take a look at some testimonials.

/ How does your guarantee work?

When someone wants to exercise our guarantee and return a unit, once that unit is returned to us and is in our hands we will either give them a credit on their credit/debit card or send them a check the day we get it back. The backup guarantee is that my wife gets hard to live with if I don’t live up to my word … so if you are unhappy with me, ask for her and you will definitely get action.

While we have not had any units come back, we have had some folks who have not seen the results as quickly as they wanted, so it took some patience on their part, or they installed it incorrectly (wrong pipe, didn’t get units solidly against the pipe, etc.). However, a few phone calls and suggestions and they were able to get the results they were looking for.

/ I have a question that wasn't answered here, what should I do?

Give us a call, or send us a message, we love new questions. Click for all our contact information.