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Victory Over Hard Water Problems

While we think that the Aqua Magnets system by Organic Engineering Associates does a great job eliminating hard water problems, we decided to let one of our customers tell you what they think. RE: Organic Engineering (Magnetic) Restoration Conditioner We first installed the Organic Engineering magnetic water conditioner system on Dec. 31, 2007. The difference […]

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Magnetic water conditioning testimonial

Laundromat Uses Less Soap – Praises Magnetic Water Conditioning

  Dear Organic Engineering [Aqua Magnets]: I’m writing to thank you for introducing me to Organic Engineering Associates [Aqua Magnets] water conditioning system. We have had customer approval wherein they use 50% less soap and have excellent cleaning results. They’ve noted that the water is wetter; and because the water is wetter we also use […]

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Remove Hard Water Spots on Cans

Aqua Magnets Eliminate Spots on Cans at Linden, Utah Cannery

Organic Engineering Associates installed our Aqua Magnets at this Linden, Utah cannery with amazing results. Alte Tessem, the maintenance supervisor at the cannery recently told us: “The Lindon Cannery had problems with water spots on the cans. Organic Engineering Associates installed their Faraday’s law technology with the Water Restoration Water Conditioner (Aqua Magnets), which solved […]

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Healthy Plant

Robert’s Ranch and Gardens CSA Farm, Salem, Utah

We had our magnets installed two years ago on our well water. The well water feeds our house, our raised bed gardens, our horse troughs, and our chicken coop water, and our hoophouse. We have extremely high mineral content in our water and it has always been a challenge to keep toilets, showers, and sinks […]

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