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Detergent for Hard Water - Why Do You Need It?

Detergent for Hard Water: Why Do You Need It?

Detergent for hard water can get pretty expensive. One leading brand costs $40 for 150 loads. Considering that the average family washes 7 loads a week, it can add up pretty quickly. Why do you need detergent for hard water? Hard water can have a very detrimental effect on your laundry. Here are some of the problems […]

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Calculate water hardness

Calculate Water Hardness Levels – See How Bad They Are

Wondering how to calculate water hardness so you can find out if you have a hard water problem and solve it? Believe me you are not alone. Lots of other people are wondering the same thing. About 85% of Americans have hard water. What is hard water, anyway? Water is “hard” when it has too any […]

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Water Hardness PPM

The Truth About Water Hardness PPM

Water hardness ppm? Wondering what that term means? Let me share a few facts about water hardness ppm and its effects with you. Water Hardness PPM, GPG, and Mg/L PPM stands for Parts Per Million. This is the way water hardness is measured. Sometimes this measurement is called GPG or Grains Per Gallon or Mg/L, […]

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Fix Hard Water At Last

Fix Hard Water Once And For All

Do you need to fix hard water problems? America has hard water in 85% of the country so if you need to know how to fix hard water problems you are not alone. What Causes Hard Water? As water moves over stones, rocks, and through the ground it picks up various minerals. The minerals in the […]

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