Aquamagnets and Pipemagnets

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Saltless water softener

Is a Saltless Water Softener Effective?

If hard water problems are plaguing you, you might be wondering if a saltless water softener is a less expensive solution to your problem than a whole house softener. Maybe, maybe not. Let’s look at some facts about hard water and the solutions to the problem. Hard water is a problem that most Americans face. […]

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How to remove hard water

Wondering How to Remove Hard Water?

If you are wondering how to remove hard water this article will offer you some answers. Hard water is a problem for 85% of all households in the United States. As water flows over rocks, stones, and the soil it collects calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. An excessive amount of these minerals makes the water […]

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Hard Water Problems – Boo!

Hard water problems are no fun.  If you are like 85% of Americans, you have hard water. Hard water is caused by a heavy concentration of minerals in water, specifically calcium and magnesium. Sometimes other minerals are present as well. The worst part is that hard water problems sneak up on you, gradual at first, […]

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